How to organise an Instagram giveaway to increase awareness, followers and reviews

Contests seem passe, but doing it thoughtfully still works


We went back to basics, to driving engagement through contests. And guess what, it still works ?

Our client, an Author, wanted us to market their book – Refugee Changemakers, that is a collection of 13 incredible real-life stories of hope and optimism. The book is about how this abandoned community fought the toughest battle of uncertainty in a new land.

Their stories of survival deserved to be heard and what better channel to communicate a story other than Instagram. Getting sufficient reach through organic posting is not always attainable, so we decided to piggyback on an influencer to get the word out.   

We identified a relevant and popular Instagram book blogger called ‘Storypals’, who was generous enough to run a book giveaway contest for us through her handle. The goal was to boost awareness of the book and increase followers on the Refugee Changemaker’s Insta handle.

We realise from our past work that one post published by the influencer would generate only limited engagement.

So, we ran a simple contest that lasted a week and the outcome was more than what we had expected.

Contest Idea: Ask storypal’s followers to like the post and tag 3 of their friends who inspire and motivate them.

PS: we understand how tagging to win a book can be so painstaking for all of us social media addicts. However, that’s where the content matters. If the story is compellingly good, it doesn’t hurt to like or tag.


  • 3809 Impressions
  • 638 Accounts Reached
  • 129 Participants
  • 3 Winners

Bonus: we got 2 book reviews organically, without expectation ?

Book Reviews from Instagram Giveaway

We kept the content calendar for this contest very simple.

An introductory post on Storypals channel was followed by a post explaining the contest, a few posts about the book to encourage participation. And our team ensured to engage with every comment with a personal appeal.

If you want to up your Instagram game and run engaging contests on your page or with influencers, and want us to bring in our learning and organise your giveaway for brand awareness, EMAIL US.

If you have questions on this campaign, message us.

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