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Recently, a friend asked for recommendations on social media courses. (Secret: She’s an ex-aarrrmor client) Obviously, we helped 🙂 To start with, we did our internet search and found out all the popular courses. Next, we turned to our trusted /r/socialmedia community on Reddit and collected their reviews. We understood that this list is not […]

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Online Privacy is a well disguised illusion An illusion that we continue to get pulled into, in exchange for lucrative convenience. Have you ever seen your favorite brand advertisement while swiping through your instagram stories? Well because you use the brand and they know your ‘preferences’. But the game changes when your very ‘preferences’ are […]

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How to promote an offline event We believe in the basics, of sharing the unspoken success stories or challenges because it’s often too small in magnitude to talk about.  The challenge we cover today is on the lines of conversions, from a set of impressions to a lead and from a lead to an offline […]

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Now that the mass mania of Game of Thrones is over (Click on the link if you want spoilers), it is time to see how much it has effected our lives. There is absolutely no doubt that with the copious loads of marketing and advertising budgets($20 million for the recent season) that were thrown in for the […]

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While discussing client’s and projects with my team, I hear a lot of interesting conversations. One of them revolves around who we should work with Our Partnerships: Everyday, a diversity of business and startup owners talk to us. They cater to different problems, industries and have their own unique take on the products and solutions […]

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Thought Leadership is a phrase you would have heard of! What’s this fuss about and why does it seem like a cult following? Let’s jump straight in. The idea of becoming a thought leader initiated in the world of PR and Communications that would typically be in the form of a quote in a leading […]

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We have been often asked, sometimes unintentionally by business owners themselves, for our market rate to create a website or managing a content portfolio.. Some of you agency folks would relate to this, and without meaning any offence to our existing or future prospective clients, we take pride in our quality of work from start […]

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