How to Stop Mails From Going to Spam

Think about how much time and energy you put into writing emails, only for them to end up stacking in the spam section of your recipients inbox. That’s an annoying experience, on top of that your recipient would never know that you sent an email since it went to their spam folder

Why your Emails End Up in Spam Folder?

A large set of emails sent every day are scams for stealing money or confidentials information. Considering how demanding it would be for email users to organize and filter through these emails manually. The email services have acquired strong solutions to fight such situations.

Spam folder is a holding site for emails suspected of being unsolicited. The problem is even legitimate emails can be sent to spam folders if they contain any spam triggers.

How to Keep Your Emails Out from Spam Folders

1. No Unsubscribe Links in Email

Many people have experienced getting seemingly valid emails for a brand they frequently refer to, only to discover that there is no unsubscribe link attached to it. If you leave out the option for unsubscribing, your mails might start to go to the spam folder.

2. Subject Line with all Caps

The content in the subject line can also set off anti-spam measures. This would happen with an excess use of words like ‘sale’ or ‘free’ as they are commonly used words for spam emails. All caps in your email’s subject line is a massive giveaway that it might be spammy so is using exclamation points very frequently.

3. Unnecessary Attachments

 If your email holds an attachment file, ensure that the file is required by the recipients. Excessive attachments on an email will lead them to spam folders as they might hold viruses or spyware that may threaten the security of the recipient’s system.

4. Too many Images

Different images are used as part of a successful marketing campaign. However, using too many images in an email might trigger anti-spam filters. If you substitute usage of text with images as it has become common practice to use fancy images to delude the spam filters.

Phishing Attempts

These are the types of scam designed to trick people to disclose sensitive information for example ATM card details or passwords etc. Emails that consist of such links are triggered by the filters and are sorted accordingly into the spam folder.

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