What Marketing Strategies To Implement  Post Covid-19

As the world combats Covid-19, it is crucial to take into account how the world would proceed post Covid-19 in the realm of digital marketing. The pandemic has increased the speed at which we are “going digital” and has given new powers to many industries that are online in nature. We have never been so dependent on Amazon or Zoom to just simply get through the day. We as digital marketers want to make a commitment that uses this new dependency on technology to our advantage.

Let’s get started and see different strategies that are being implemented post Covid-19.

1. Focus on Existing customers.

If you are having a hard time bringing in new customers, it’s better to narrow your focus towards the customers that are still with you despite the economic downturn. You need to start creating services and ad campaigns to target their new requirements. In addition to this, you may also want to circulate refunds to clients that were involved with prepaid membership or were on auto pay during the lockdown period. This may impact your short term cash flow, but the money that has been returned will most likely come back tenfold to you once the economy stabilizes and your true customers are all set to buy again.

2. Move everything online

With lockdowns and travel reductions due to pandemic, it’s no shock that everything is moving online. The CEO of 123internetGroup told Forbes that they have seen an increased projection in companies who want to create or upgrade their website, creating campaigns focused towards home based workers and follow up on economic trends and channels. It does not matter what industry you are in, there are always new things you can take online and having those abilities will assist you to look unique in front of your competitors and attract more customers.

3. Use Facebook Ads

Due to the pandemic, people are spending a lot of time at home and on social media, the return on investment on paid campaigns are skyrocketing for many industries. This is a great way to remind people that your business is still moving and that you aim to be a very remarkable part of the “new normal”. In general Facebook ads are quite reasonable, even for a local business. This can help you showcase any developments you have made to your business, any exclusive discounts that you might want to offer. Paids ads have always been engaging, affordable and well targeted, but now they offer you with the potential to scale your business.

4. Running exclusive deals and offers

As businesses start to reopen, a great way to attract people is to offer exclusive sales promotions. These offers could be advertised or announced on social media platforms or through promotional emails. Such offers could help you bring in new customers while at the same time getting the old ones interested in coming back. This idea can function for multiple industries(theaters, gyms etc.), but it works best for the industries that have been hit hard during Covid pandemic ( restaurants, travel etc).

5. Reassess your communication strategy

All your prior communication strategy needs to be reassessed, since peoples priority and schedules change with the changing environment. It would be wise to revise the newsletter you are sending, the content that is being created and the general way you proceed towards your customers. This could mean remodeling your content calendar completely or maybe putting some blog posts on hold and focusing more towards articles that serve to doubts, fears and questions related to the present situation. One way of doing this is through email surveys, questioning their prime concern and desires for the current situation. Keeping the questions open ended and easy to answer will help you attain golden information from people, that will ultimately ease the process of strategizing and serve your customers better.


Having a small number of solid digital marketing strategies to depend on while the world resolves their issue can not only aid your business but also provide you with a head start against your competitors. Most significant thing to remember is to focus on your customers’ priorities as much as you own. They are the ones that will help your business grow. Doesn’t matter what strategy you use.

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