Free Digital Marketing Courses To Enroll

Are you searching for free online Digital Marketing Courses?  Enrolling in an online course will help you to keep updated with the current trends in the industry. For beginners, it will help to acquire new skills, tools, and techniques that existing marketers use. Many websites are providing free digital marketing resources online. Below are some free and effective courses that you shouldn’t miss out.

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google – This is a free course by Google which is the most comprehensive one for beginners. It gives a real world experience into marketing which covers the various aspects of digital marketing. It also offers a certificate at the end of the course.
  1. Free Digital Marketing basic course by Udemy – This course will guide you through the basics of Digital Marketing. It also gives you the practical experience in digital marketing and aims at personal branding.
  1. Social Media101 – Social Media Quick starter by Constant Contact – It gives you a step by step learning of how to create your social media presence. It will give you a lot of practical exposure by giving examples.
  1. HubSpot Academy – It offers different digital marketing courses and helps to take your professional skills to the next level. It also offers a certification at the end. They have various forms of learning materials such as guides, webinars and more.
  1. Google Skillshop – It is Google’s official platform where you can learn more about Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Business and more. It has access to training for beginners level to advanced.
  1. SEMrush Academy – It offers free digital marketing courses from basic level to advanced concepts. It will help for the beginners as well as the one who is already into digital marketing. It includes content marketing, technical seo and more.
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