How SEO helped Vinu’s images get to the first page of google

Vinu’s images is a photography service provider based out in Delhi NCR and specializes in premier Maternity, Newborn and Family photography. The client came to us with a simple demand, They wanted to rank on the first page of Google for ‘ New-born Photography’

What we did

Once we started to deep dive into the problem statement, a pattern merged. While there were 1000 – 3000 search volume around generic keywords such as “New Born Photography”, “Maternity photography ideas”, they indicated low intent of the user (perhaps people were just searching for inspiration but not really looking for the service?). We realized focusing on such generic keywords would lead to poorer conversation, and ultimately not help boost her business. Also being a local business, there was an additional question in our mind about the location-specific searches. We looked at the Local SEO and Image SEO as well, Since the business is location-specific and the website is image-heavy.

We dug deeper into the queries using the keyword research tool. We noticed a significant volume around age and gender-specific keywords. There was a large segment of customers who were searching with very specific keywords ” 10-month baby photoshoot”, “2-year-old baby girl photoshoot ideas”, “6-month baby photoshoot”, and sometimes even more specific “10-month baby boy photoshoot ideas at home”. We went back to the client and told her that we needed to take a more strategic approach; a greater focus on a specific age, and gender.

Our next task was to optimize her website based on our strategy, keyword research, and competitive landscape. The client operates in a highly competitive market with a lot of players. We used these very specific keywords to optimize her on page content.

Next up, was focussing on the off-page activities to generate more backlinks to the site. Given the nature of their business, we focussed our attention on Quora, Pinterest, and a host of other business listing sites such as ….

Our results paid off! We saw a slow and steady improvement in the keyword ranking. In about six months, the website was organically ranking on the first page of SERP for around 50+ specific keywords, such as “3 year baby photoshoot”, “2 year old baby girl photoshoot ideas”.

Well, appearing on the first page should eventually increase the traffic right?

Yes, we also saw a whopping increase in the monthly traffic from 300 users in March 2020 to 2000+ users in March 2021!

Here’s a summary of the steps we followed

Keyword Research   
We used a combination of tools to identify the keywords in terms of search intent and with the most relevant search that stood out in terms of volume.  As there is a large segment of customers who were searching with very specific keywords like  ” 10-month baby photoshoot”, “2-year-old baby girl photoshoot ideas”, we considered these as the most relevant keywords to focus on.

Content Creation and optimisation
Created SEO friendly content by adding relevant keywords in each individual pages. we added FAQ contents to each category page as we realized it helps in user experience as well as Google values those content a lot.

Optimisation of meta tags and other on-page elements    
Optimized the meta title and description of the general pages and portfolio pages with the focused keywords as well as the on page element optimisation such as h1 tags, alt text, urls and more

Backlinking and PR  
We submitted their business details on around 50 business listing sites as well as explored the quora community and engaged by answering around 40 questions. We identified the Mommy blogger’s websites and blogs, then contacted the ones with a healthy authority score to inquire about the possibility of contributing articles to their website to get a link back to the client’s website.

Results & Stats