How SEO helped Vahak to increase 73% organic traffic in 4 months

Vahak is an app-based truck transportation marketplace that connects businesses with logistical partners; they are building India’s largest B2B marketplace to help truckers, load owners, transporters and agents optimize their businesses. Today, Vahak is the largest online transport marketplace community with over 5 lakh Indian transporters on the platform.

Vahak approached us with the goal of increasing their digital presence and grow organic traffic to their website and app. We currently manage SEO and ASO services for them.

What we did

Our market research identified that the trucking industry is thriving in the current market and optimizing the webpage with the right keywords is necessary along with all other activities to stay ahead of the competition. We helped them in the ideation of new landing pages and thereby optimization of the pages with highly relevant industry-specific keywords that people search for.

  • Competitor research and Keyword research
  • Optimization of Meta tags
  • Ideation of new landing pages and content optimization
  • Optimization of other on page elements and Internal Linking
  • Ideation of Blog topics
  • A/B testing experiments for App store listing


We have been tracking highly relevant keywords as part of our optimization process since the past 4 months, and we see an improvement in the website ranking for few industry specific keywords from the 4th page to the 2nd page of Google result. We also saw a 73% increase in organic traffic in the last 4 months.