SEO Factors To Rank Your Website In 2022

To make your website rank better in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) it is significant to consider different SEO variables as they play a big part in influencing Google algorithm consisting of many ranking signals.

This blog lists some of the key optimization factors for building a successful SEO strategy and which are predicted to be significant for 2022.

SEO Factors for Better Ranking

1. Digital Accessibility and Site Architecture

Marketing should always have the customer in mind, whether it’s a service or a product. Not only is it significant for customers or users to be able to navigate your website, but even search engines prefer digital accessibility. This requires that your site architecture is well thought with all the navigation present along with internal linking. Websites whose navigation can be done using shift keys, including images with description for visually impared users and readable, structured content will perform far better in SEO ranking.

2. High Quality Content

Content is crucial for SEO ranking, this is something that will allure the search engines to index your pages correctly and rank your website better. By reviewing the content and the structure of a page Google measures the content quality. Taking factores into consideration such as incoming and outgoing links, usability and keyword relevance. The content that is well structured, engaging and provides value and relevant information is high quality. This not only indicates to google and other search engines but also engage your readers and help with different SEO factors to rank better on the search engines.

3. On Page SEO and Technical Health

To deliver a good On Page SEO a lot of technical SEO is also required focused on optimizing elements such as broken links, missing metatags and source code for better health of the website. On Page SEO helps arrange webpage contents to assist crawlers index the information and rank the page higher.

4. Backlinking

 These are the links from different websites connecting to yours and is one of the most important factors to consider when a website ranks. It is an indication of trust when Google observes that a website is linked to yours. A site is considered to be an authority when there are a lot of quality backlinks to a site. It is important to differentiate positive backlinks to the toxic ones as they can negatively hamper your website. When a link is from a relevant and high quality site to another it is considered as good backlinks. It should be as natural and keep the end user engaging.

5. Load Speed

For SEO ranking, page load speed is important as it relates to user experience. Search engines’ objective is to provide users with great experience. If a user experiences slow load speed on a website it is declared as the pain point of the experience. Slow pages also affect crawlers capacity to crawl all your website pages, and will lead to decrease in the search visibility since pages are not assessed. A good load speed is considered to be under 3 seconds, with ecommerce websites to be loading fasted at under 2 seconds.


The above mentioned factors are to be considered when performing SEO of a website in 2022. These variables are basic in nature but may hold a lot of weightage when ranking your website on the search engines. This also signifies that the website is perfect for user experience otherwise the algorithm wouldn’t support the website’s content.

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