How SEO and Adwords Work Together

SEO and Adwords are two different means of interesting business to a website. Traditionally everyone thinks of SEO and Adwords as competitors but that’s not the case. So in this article we will get an idea towards how these two can be used together to increase your website’s ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO means Search engine optimization and is a procedure to raise a website’s technical layout, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily visible, more relevant and well linked towards users’ search queries, and as a result, search engines rank them superior compared to others.

Google Adwords

What are Google Adwords?

Google adwords is an advertisement system google developed to aid different businesses to outstretch online target audience and markets with the help of its search engine platform and partner site. These partner sites arrange a text or an image advertisement that displays on the page after a user searches keywords and expressions linked to a business and its product or services.

SEO and Adwords

SEO vs Adwords

When we have to distinguish SEO from Adwords in simple terms, SEO is basically generation of  traffic through unpaid platforms. Over here the major focus is to target a few keywords, It aims to upgrade your websites position in search result pages and is generally used for long term. Whereas Adwords are considered to be paid traffic. They are used when a business is targeting for quick, top of the page results, they can single out many keywords at the same time and can be activated right away. Simply put, the more money you spend, the more traffic you generate.

How does Adwords and SEO contribute towards an online campaign.

A great deal of people approach SEO and Adwords as completely different strategies. And while they are distinct in many ways, It can assist to think of them as two sides of the same coin. There are various courses of actions in which an SEO and Adwords efforts can complement each other, and lead to a new success search strategy. There are few methods that may synchronize SEO and Adwords strategy greater than the sum of its parts.

Visibility :
The benefit of combining these two is to obtain added exposure on search engine result page(SERP). Once the search terms are ranked on the top, clients are generally convinced to reduce the adwords usage. But, it is significant to know that the top two or three positions on the search engines are generally of the paid campaigns. Exercising control over these two will effectively increase traffic and provide an impression about your established presence in the market.

Share Keywords Data:
Simultaneously managing the organic and the paid campaigns provide you with double data to scrutinize. You can ascertain from the two which keywords encounter the highest conversion rate and that information can be used to determine which strategy to go forward with.

Combat Negative PR:
Every now and then, there is a negative comment about your company. It happens and when it does Incorporating the SEO and Adwords can be highly beneficial to tackle such situations. The conversions can be guided more effectively if the results for the both can be controlled for a certain term.

Testing Strategic Organic Keyword with Adwords:
Using the paid campaigns advertisements is a great way to filter your organic strategy for keywords. As your strategies for organic keywords evolve. Experimenting the conversion rate of the words you want to categorize for with the paid campaigns. The feedback received for the effectiveness of the organic keywords will be immediate and the strategy can be implemented accordingly.

Soical Media Visibility:
The social media landscape is switching dramatically, and the part of that switch has been the turning up of highly targeted advertising strategy. Sites like Facebook, Linkedin and youtube can distribute advertisements that are targeted to certain groups of people. Using the information of a facebook user, it is possible to display an advertisement to a 22 year old living in a certain city who is interested in a particular niche. The data that are collected from these campaigns may detect granular details about your audience or the markets that are targeted by you. Overall, assisting you to refine your SEO strategy.

What worked for you?

There are numerous other ways through which online marketing pros have executed SEO and Adwords overlapping strategies, I would love to hear how these strategies have helped you out for your campaigns. If you have more suggestions feel free to write in the comment section.

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