Simplify your Communication for a Happy SEO client

Have you been striving to convince your client on your SEO services? Many clients are not sure exactly how the SEO works for their business. Simplifying the SEO process for your client is often important from a point of client management. When a client understands SEO, they can value your work. It requires time, effort and patience to simplify the process to the client.

Say ‘NO’ to technical terms

Explaining SEO to non SEO people should be done in a simplified and informative way. Of course, they are not going to understand the technical term that marketers are using. For example, the term SERP, CTR, Page Ranking, meta tags may seem weird for your client. Just make sure the below things when you explain it to your client

  • Understand the level of knowledge your client has and explain SEO in a language they will understand. Give examples while explaining, share a live screen for example from Google for certain terms like SERP.
  • Avoid using short forms and technical words
  • Relate the examples with their industry
  • Explain why it is necessary for his/her business
  • Showcase their competitor site and point out what they are missing out

Breakdown the process and set the expectation clearly

Everyone needs a quick result and often your clients believe as soon as you start your work, they will rank on the first page. While everyone wants that to happen in reality but it’s not the truth. Yes, the truth is SEO results take time. Simplify the process and set page ranking goals for specific keywords, to achieve the result. Don’t forget to share the goals with them. Breakdown the process starting from finding where your client is at to what you can do for them. Accordingly, you can explain to your client in a step by step manner. Tell them why it is important to have meta titles, descriptions, alt text etc in their website and what happens if it’s not there. Tell them the need for providing the keywords within their content. Make clear communication and give them enough information so that they understand the task at hand.

Prepare the report of your work and Update the client weekly 

However, SEO takes time and your client doesn’t want to wait for that super surprising result at the end. Documenting your work and sharing the reports with your clients makes them not feel down or not feel confusing about your work. It also gives transparency and honesty to your work. Try to present it in a neat and clear way that your clients understand and show them each time you are trying to improve their online presence. The more often you communicate, the more your clients have trust in you and it helps to maintain a long term relationship between both. 

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