Why we don’t have a rate card for digital services

We have been often asked, sometimes unintentionally by business owners themselves, for our market rate to create a website or managing a content portfolio.. Some of you agency folks would relate to this, and without meaning any offence to our existing or future prospective clients, we take pride in our quality of work from start to end and therefore none of our services come in a one size fits all.

This is what a regular rate card looks like.

And what it should be:

Very few understand the effort that goes into ‘research and market study’ that accounts for not only onboarding a client but also defines the foundation for work ahead and in some cases, as a course correction for the client’s ideas of digital needs. Very often, the cost of this aspect of work is not budgeted.

There’s a lot that goes behind the scenes of telephonic meetings with business clients. Each of them come with a different level of understanding and aligning the bar of knowledge is more or less time consuming, although productive from a long term vision. But nobody accounts for that time and effort in man hours.

We at AARRRmor believe in customisation for the client business needs, basis the digital footprint goals of the business from a quantitative & qualitative perspective. Sub-domains of digital such as Social media, Website & SEO, Adwords, Display – all of this depends on several factors.

  • Personal experience 1: the CPC of a Facebook ad for a baby photography business wouldn’t be the same as that of a preschool franchise business despite the geography or target segment being similar.
    The reach will differ as per audience targeting.  
  • Personal experience 2: building a thought leadership portfolio for an individual using LinkedIn can be confused for an automated or a mechanical activity, but creating an opinion driven, perception driven content demands extensive understanding of the thought leader, his or her style of writing and industry research. This is the pipeline towards building an informed content strategy.
    And ours being a start-up digital agency, we live the DIY life and don’t take time for granted. 

We are not competing with other agencies or even with the ownership of knowledge. We are working towards contributing to the sharing economy of open source and collaboration, to be able to do good work. 

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