BetaLabs 03: Learn Google Essentials to grow your business

Recently Aarrrmor Digital conducted a Live Online Webinar on Google Essentials, where we shared how to use Google Essential tools to grow businesses

This was a basic information session and since we couldn’t cover a lot, we are writing this blog post.

In the webinar, we covered basics and fundamentals on how to setup Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Ads.

Did you just start your online journey?

Built a new website and getting started seriously with your online presence?

Go through the webinar recording in the end of the article that shows you how to setup these tools.

Get over your mental block around these tools.

Why should you use Google Essential Tools?

Because they’re free!

That’s the most important reason and they give a good amount of data relevant for most small businesses.

The biggest reason for sharing this post is to get entrepreneurs and business owners started.

We have seen that a lot of businesses miss this important step

And when you don’t have these tools, you don’t have data.

Without data, it’s difficult to work on growing your business, because any marketing, sales activities need data.

Another reason not to miss out on this is that you start getting data from the day you set up the tools.

There is nothing recorded before that, so start recording data today.

And hopefully after a month you will have something actionable.

The 1st thing that Aarrrmor Digital does on onboarding a new client is check their analytics and tool setup. If there’s any imprecations, we fix them and if they are not setup, we set them.

Because we believe in the importance of these free tools for businesses, we recommend you to get started right away for seriously growing your business.

Setting up of tools is not tough!

There’s a common misconception around tools and technologies that they are tough to setup.

But we know that if you’re smart enough to start your own business then this is not your biggest challenge. And if you have any questions or need assistance, we’re always there to help you out.

These tools will give you information about where people are coming to your website from, what are the sources, once they land on website, which pages they visit, how long they stay there for, what actions they take.

Based on this analysis, you can figure out where to make improvements.

Slides for Aarrrmor Webinar on Google Essentials

Google Business Essential Tools: An Overview

Google Analytics:

This free tool is wonderful! It gives details about users, website, page speed and experience & is #1 in the list of tools to integrate for your website.

To begin with, it gives you real time information of your visitors. How cool is that? It tells you where they are coming from, which device and which page they’re on

Next, you can see for any period of time who your audience is. Details about them like demographics, geography, device and technology they use. You will know what channel and campaigns are working for you. You can set up different actions as goals and trace the path that your users follow to complete them. This and many more awesome things!

Google Search Console:

This free tool sounds a bit technical, but it’s not really much. If you want to work on making your website more “Google-friendly”, this tool is a must have.

Check who is linking back to your website, what keywords your website (&pages) are ranking for. Find out any technical issues Google faces in reading your website and get recommendations on how to improve them.

You can work on your website architecture and monitor improvements using your Search Console. All the data here is more than enough for your developer, SEO marketer to improve the visibility of your website for the desired key words and phrases for your business.

Google Ads:

Scared of Ads? Don’t worry many people are…There is a common misconception that they cost a lot of money and how it works is a mystery.

We suggest you get started, and don’t spend money unless you’re ready to. To start with Google Ads, you might have to enter billing information but you don’t have to spend anything if you don’t want to.

So, play around with the tools, check out keyword planner (mini tool) and see what suits you. If you wish, you can run small (INR 100/day) test campaigns, you can pause or end them whenever you like. This way you will get over your fear of the tool and get a better sense of how they work.

Login with your own Google account in all of these tools.

Preferably use your work account, because these tools will send reports which are best if you send it to your business account.

Aarrrmor Webinar (Recorded Version) on Google Essential Tools

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