Webinar On Google Business Essentials


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Set up your Google Business Ad account, Analytics and Search Console [Live Demo]

On 1st August 2019, 11 am – 12 pm
Your business needs to reach out to the right audience, be it customers or partners. Mili Mishra, Head of AARRRmor Digital agency shares helpful insights with a step by step demo on getting your 3 Google basics right. 


Start with linking a Google Analytics (GA) account with your website; every business be it ecommerce or not, considers its website to be a critical function.
A website also functions as a central hub of information about your existing user base and also other prospective customers. Learn to set up GA for your website and about key metrics that aids / supports decision making.

Moving on to your Google Business Ad Account i.e a platform to target a highly relevant & focused customer segment.

Moving on to Lastly, set up Google Search Console (GSC) for your business, that will help understand how Google reviews your website on the larger canvas / platform of Google search.


Helpful for:


Freelancers, Solo-preneurs, Artists, New Startup Founders, Enthusiastic students

Key features:


      • How to set up Google Analytics (GA)
      • Understanding of key metrics / kpis within GA
      • How to track a landing page or specific button within GA
      • How to set up a Business Ad Account
      • Basics of using the Keyword Planner / Research tool
      • How to set up a Google Search Console (GSC)
      • Understanding key metrics within GSC
      • Doubts (live)